• 15 days for the first 3 years
  • 16 days during the 4th year
  • 17 days during the 5th year
  • 18 days during the 6th year
  • 19 days during the 7th year
  • 20 days during and beyond the 8th year
  • Employees can carry forward up to 120 hours, or 15 days, of paid time off for one calendar year. Hours above 120 hours cannot be carried over and must be used or lost.
Sick Leave
  • 3 days sick leave each year
  • Employees can carry forward up to 40 hours, or 5 days, of sick leave each calendar year. Hours above 40 hours will be lost.
Other Allowable Leaves
  • Funeral/Bereavement (company paid)
  • Jury Duty (company paid)
  • Family/Medical Leave of Absence
  • Disability
  • Military Leave of Absence
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