Building Data-Centric n-Tier Enterprise Systems
A critical look at the pros and cons of building data-centric systems... (more)

Collecting User Requirements in a Virtual Population
A case study co-authored by PowerVision's Elizabeth Hanst and reprinted with permission from the most recent issue of the WebNet Journal, this article explores the process of determining user requirements for web-based resources. A case study of the requirements gathering for the Down Syndrome Online Advocacy Group's web site is presented... more

If You Put It on the Web, They Will Come
But will they be able to find what they need on your e-business or e-commerce web site, or will they get confused and leave never to return? On the web, usability is critical...more

Manufacturing Supply Chain Management
There may be no better predictor of continued and future success for a manufacturing business than its ability to react to change. In yesterday's world, the key was how big and strong you were.  In today's mercurial global marketplace, it's all about how agile you are.  Agility is the true differentiator between those who will succeed and those who will fall short... more

Manufacturing Execution Systems
Regardless of company size, manufacturing is an extremely competitive industry. To compete in today's global market, reliable data is essential to manage the individual operations that comprise the manufacturing process. Recently, process and manufacturing engineers have begun exploring the notion of exploiting the wealth of data generated and often discarded with each control cycle... more

XML Means Business
XML, the eXtensible Markup Language, is being touted as the hottest Internet technology since Java™.  XML is a standard for defining and sharing information (data) in a clean, platform-neutral way.  It allows organizations and groups to define custom markup languages for specific tasks, such as supply-chain integration, e-commerce, or travel... more

ActiveStore: Bringing 'best of breed' to foodservice technology
The ActiveStore initiative is a collaboration among hospitality organizations, leading POS development firms, and Microsoft to provide a standard, robust system framework for developing retail POS applications...more

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